Tips for a Productive Working

Distraction, procrastination and postponement are real problems in everyday working life. They lead to tasks being processed much longer. But there are tricks and ways to stay focused and avoid distractions.

Important documents have to be edited, a text written and a project completed. But when there is a lot of work on the desk, we lose our focus. An e-mail comes in, the colleague asks an unnecessary question, WhatsApp flashes, the phone rings – and moment, what is actually happening on Facebook ? Quickly make some coffee and it’s lunchtime – and nothing is done.

But there are tricks and ways to stay focused and work concentrated:

Avoiding troublemakers

According to one study, the biggest three time thieves are those who should make our lives easier: Internet, e-mails and the telephone. A constant puffing up of notifications and a ringing telephone disrupt concentration. And after an interruption it takes up to 30 minutes until we are back on track. So: Silence the phone and put it out of sight, close the e-mail program and all unnecessary tabs in the browser window.

Mute notifications

Nowadays, laptops and smartphones have so many push messages on them that it’s no wonder that these devices are ringing all the time. E-mails, SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram and various online media all like to send out breaking news.

To be truly focused, it’s a good idea to mute everything without exception. After a concentrated hour of work, you can take a 5-minute break and consciously access the communication media.

Set yourself deadlines

A deadline turns even the biggest postponer into a workhorse. Because when the moment arrives that the task really has to be done, it suddenly works with concentration. In order not to regularly fall into last-minute stress, the day should be cleverly planned and deadlines set.

Create “Procrastination List

While researching our work we come across an exciting article, an audio book tip or a funny video? Don’t let it get you off your chest! Copy the link and save it on a so-called “Procrastination List”. If the discovery is really exciting, then it will be in a few hours.

Block websites with new tools

Actually, the browser tabs are closed with Facebook and Mirror Online, but hey, one click on the favorites bar and just browse a little bit… Yes, the habit outwits us again and again. Good that there are tools like LeechBlock (Firefox), StayFocused (Chrome) or Freedom that block certain pages. Just install it, set a time period in the morning and activate it. Now you can’t access blocked pages like Facebook for a few hours, no matter if and how much you want it.

Keeping disturbing colleagues in check

Colleagues are great for sharing tasks, mutual help and teamwork. But when you’re concentrating on your work, the interruption of colleagues is simply annoying. If funny cat videos, weekend stories or unimportant questions are unwanted, then put on headphones and the please do not disturb face.

If that doesn’t help, politely point out to colleagues that you are busy. Is there anyone in the room who is talking too loudly? Then either continue working in another room or let us know in a friendly manner.

Letting go of emotional problems

One of the most difficult points to implement is to let go of the emotional ballast – and not just at work. Long pondering over relationship problems, pondering the past and interpreting situations – all this takes a lot of time and energy.

In order to learn to live in the here & now, to accept things and not to value them, there are different techniques. From meditation to yoga to psychological support.

If you have serious emotional problems, you should seek advice, because this puts an enormous strain on your work. Otherwise it helps to focus again and again on the now. No matter what was yesterday and what will be tomorrow.

Using personal “focus”-times

Is the concentration particularly good in the morning? Then get up early and get to work while others are still sleeping. Do you need a little to get going? Then lunchtime should be used. In the evening again hardly still Mails come in, the children are in the bed and the concentration of the night owls at the largest.

Avoid tiredness, maintain health

And last but not least, the most important thing: your own health. Sick and exhausted, you can hardly concentrate with all the tricks mentioned above.

Therefore: Sleep well enough, eat a balanced diet (tips for a healthy lunch in the office) and create a good life-work balance.

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