Fgitalia General main objective was to make our clients understand what kind of people make up our team. We sell ourselves as a company that is honest, humane, competent and innovative with new ideas. It was therefore important for us to highlight these elements. The portion of the site presenting each employee also highlights the particular skills of each employee (competent team), their passions outside work (integrity and people) and their personal projects (innovation, new ideas). The “What we are looking for” section simply presents the qualities we are looking for in our employees using keywords and also communicates what we are presenting to our customers (creativity, passion, attention to detail, continuous improvement…).

We also wanted to communicate our vision to potential candidates. Itremma is an IT and communications design and consulting firm, but it has difficulty comparing itself to other companies in the same field. Thus, candidates with a clear idea of a position are likely to submit their application without knowing what to expect in practice. It is therefore essential for us to make potential applicants understand what a position at Itremma means, so that we can naturally attract people who are a good fit with our values. This is mainly what the video “Itremma as an employer” and the block “10 reasons to work with us” are intended for.

The important elements of a career page

Normally, having set specific goals for your career page should give you some inspiration to furnish it well. Here is a short list of points to consider when designing your page. Use it as a checklist if you already have a career section!

Make your career section visible on the home page of your website. Candidates should not have to search for it!

Be sure not to overload your information page. You need to inform candidates, but too much information will reduce the impact on the most important elements of your message. Also, especially if your intention is to invite people to apply to your site, you may as well highlight the section that allows it rather than bury it under a ton of text!

Give candidates the information they want! Put yourself in the shoes of people who will visit your page to select relevant content.

Logically, your visitors will be looking for these elements:

The company’s vision, mission and values;

The positions to be filled;

The advantages of working at home;

A place to apply;

Contact information for a contact person.

Enhance the experience with some elements known to have a good impact. For example:

Employee testimonials. This type of content is highly appreciated by applicants!

The list of events where you are present. Candidates who want to meet you will be able to take advantage of these opportunities to do so;

Links to your social media accounts, to allow candidates to easily connect to you and your employees;

Videos! This is also a very popular type of content. You can edit a video of a boss (especially if he’s nice!) or employees in their work context. And don’t be afraid to have an imperfect video. The imperfection reflects the honesty of your message. However, if you are a company specialized in the video field, it is imperative to have an impeccable presentation at this level!

There are obviously many other elements you could put in place, just keep in mind your goals and find the best way to deliver your employer brand message. What do you think is most important? What do you think of our career page? Does it make you want to join our team?