About Us

In January 1936, a company was founded in Kawasaki, Japan with the name Yaou Shoten, which produces radio receivers and loudspeakers; the activity quickly expanded into the most interesting sector of household appliances through the first realizations of televisions with built-in speakers for the NHK. Between 1955 and 1964, the company changed its name to Yaou Denki Co. Limited and built its current factory and general headquarters in the suburbs of the city. Between 1965 and 1984 is a chain of innovations and successes, among the most important we remember:

• the creation and sale of the world’s first cash register, the first video-turntable and the first computerized television set, MSX;

• the development of technology and the start of the production of IC thin-film and IC-thick film films, which have earned an important prize for inventing the humidity sensors with their use.

This invention laid the foundations for the development of air conditioning equipment. In 1984 Fujitsu Limited entered the company economically and the General trademark became Fujitsu General and the company changed its name to the current name of “Fujitsu General Limited”.

From that time until today, Fujitsu General Limited has experienced incredible success and became the household name that everyone is familiar of.